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Thanks for visiting our website! The KSG has a pleasant working environment and an engaged staff. New colleagues will feel at home quickly. As a teacher you will become part of a team and for the first two years you will receive guidance and coaching by a coach/subject colleague. Do you feel it is important to grow in both your subject and as a professional? Are you always looking for improvements for both your students and for education? Do you feel responsible for your own professional growth? That means you will feel at home with us!

Veluwse Onderwijsgroep

The KSG part of the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep. You can find all our job openings at the website of the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep. 

We offer you

  • Comprehensive educational organisation that offers mobility
  • Several schools with each their own profiles
  • Good support and guidance
  • In-house Academy with interesting opportunaties for training Ambitious corporate culture

Improve Yourself!

Education is changing. Ongoing development of your skills as a teacher, team leader or employee are therefore constant topics of discussion. We stimulate a learning environment through sharing of knowledge and experience, using internal coaches and providing courses. We also encourage opportunities to progress internally.


The KSG wants qualified and capable teachers. Do you wish to become a teacher but don’t yet have the qualifications? Please contact us! We are happy to discuss your study options, scholarships and study leave.


Click here to see the current employment opportunities at the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep.