Bilingual Education (TTO)

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The KSG is a World College; in order to do well in a global society, we offer our students an extra opportunity to become independent, global citizens who speak English fluently. Students with mavo, mavo/havo, havo, havo/vwo or vwo advice can choose to follow bilingual education (TTO).

How to become a global citizen?

Do you want to become a global citizen and learn English as if it’s your own language? Then bilingual education (TTO) is right up your alley. In the first years of bilingual mavo, havo or vwo you will be taught between 30 and 60% of your subjects, depending on your level, in English. The teachers of these subjects will speak English with you. You do not have to be very good at English if you want to do TTO, but you do have to want to become really good! Because you practise presenting yourself and your ideas right from the first year, you will quickly learn how to express your opinion in English. When choosing TTO mavo, havo or vwo, you will learn how to speak English at a high level. In addition, you will take wonderful trips abroad and you will work on internationally-oriented projects. This is not just fun, it is also useful for your future. For example, if want you to travel or study or work abroad you will often have to speak English. A bilingual diploma has many advantages in that case! Since you will be taking many of your classes in English, you will learn English really quickly. And since you’ve been abroad already, you will feel at ease in unknown places. A true global citizen!


At the end of third year you will sit an internationally-recognised language exam, such as a Cambridge certificate, which tests your “General British English”.  Eventually at the end of your career at the KSG, you will receive the Senior TTO Certificate. In addition, at havo and vwo levels you will do the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) programme which means you will receive the English B certificate at havo or the English A: Language and Literature diploma at vwo level. These are excellent qualifications to have for further studies, especially internationally.

You will be ready to conquer the world!

Sign up

 In order to sign up for bilingual mavo, havo or vwo you need a mavo, mavo/havo, havo, havo/vwo or vwo advice from your primary school. We think it is important that your primary school teacher also thinks bilingual education will suit you.

Bilingual education (TTO) for everyone!

KSG invests in workshops, teacher training, extra classes and internationalisation which results in bilingual education of high quality. Since our government does not subsidise schools to pay for these costs, we ask for an annual tuition fee of €395 euros. This includes the fees for two international trips abroad in years one and three. 

We consider it to be highly important that everyone has access to bilingual education. Therefore, payment in installments is an option. It is also possible to apply for external subsidies through Stichting Leergeld. In addition to that, the KSG’s so-called Puffius Foundation could also be called upon in case the tuition fee poses a challenge. 

Do you want to know more?

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