Junior Speaking Contest School Round 2021

This Tuesday, February 2nd, we held the school round of the Junior Speaking Contest 2021, online of course! The theme this year is A Story that Moved Me and each student in e2 and e3 gave speeches during the class rounds in December. The two best speakers from each of e3a and e3b and the two best speakers of e2a took part in the school round.

Our finalists were: Lieke Miltenburg and Morsal Faizi from e2a, Jasmyn Kerstens and Emma Sluijter from e3a, Kate Kok and Mart Beukers from e3b.

Each finalist gave a great speech on topics which varied from the shameful death of Breonna Taylor, living with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases to Sir David Attenborough’s reflection on our Earth in his time and how positive affirmations can help you get what you want in life! That the poems The King by Ethan Jewel and Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken were also sources of inspiration for our speakers is, as an English teacher and lover of literature, wonderful to hear!

Our judges, Amelie Brown, Jurriaan Wouda (e5b) and Sophie Nijhuis (e5a) were given the very difficult task of choosing the two winners and runners-up. From e2 the winner was Lieke Miltenburg with Morsal Faizi as runner-up. The winner from e3 was Emma Sluijter and Jasmyn Kerstens was the runner-up. A big thank you to our judges!

Congratulations to all of our speakers and especially our winners, Lieke and Emma, who will be attending the online Regional Round on March 9th, 2021.